KCBA General Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

President Tina Erales opened the meeting at 7:00 PM to a crowd of 40-50 people. She

thanked everyone in attendance and to all who have helped so much this marching season. She

recognized Klein Crossing Dental and Daryl Flood Company as our Cat 5 sponsors, and Chris Siler

who was instrumental in arranging the donation of the trailer. She also recognized the King

family who donated a 26-foot enclosed trailer. We are currently looking for a Cat 4 sponsor to

wrap this secondary trailer.

Treasurer Roni Tucker shared that the band currently has $67,038.44 in the bank. We have had 46.4% of members pay their dues in full. The mattress fundraiser raised $11,796.

Secretary Laura Saunders shared that there are less than 5 spots remaining for the Spring

Trip before a wait list is started. The Spring Trip is scheduled for April 26-28, 2019. A Trip

Payment Agreement will be sent out to all parents of participating students stating the total cost

of the trip, an understanding that your student needs to be passing, participation fees must be

current, and no refunds will be given. Our next general membership meeting will take place at

the same time and location on October 16, 2018.

Chaperone chair Michele Poe shared if you are not already on the list and would like to chaperone, please contact her. October is a busy month with an increased need for chaperones for not only games, but contests too.

Spirit Wear chair Sean York was unable to attend this evening so Tina Erales shared that

the required show shirts have been passed out. If you have not received one please contact Sean

York. They are currently selling short- and long-sleeved show shirts on our online store at


Stormchaser and Vice President Warren Settles shared from Props that our stage has arrived. It was fabricated by a company in Temple and delivered the day before. The stage can be used for many years and can be configured to be 4x8, 8x8 or 4x16. You can always add pieces on to it too. Warren showed pictures of the Mayflower trailer that has been stripped of the Mayflower logo and primed and painted. This Saturday, September 22, the Props committee invites all to help build the ramp, stairs and second floor of the trailer and to help paint the towers. Times will be announced. The Stormchasers’ shirts are not in at this time.

Fundraising Chair Suzanne Thompson reported that Scrip has already earned our band $1,100 for the months of August and September. Last year the Scrip fundraiser earned $2,400 total for the entire school year, so the momentum is good.

Suzanne also shared that our first Spirit Night is at Painting with a Twist on Sunday, Sept 23. We currently have 18 participants. She has finalized almost all spirit nights for the rest of the school year.

We have about $17,000 in sponsorship donations and have budgeted for $40,000. If you know of any business that would like to sponsor our band, please put them in contact with Suzanne.

Our football programs were ordered in July based on the number we sold last year and the printers do not allow us to add or subtract the number to be printed. The first couple of games, we have sold out of football programs by kickoff, so if you want to buy one, please try to come before the game begins.

Just a reminder that we have Amazon Smile and Kroger community rewards that are a great way to passively raise funds for our band too.

A gentleman suggested speaking with area restaurants (e.g., Taco Bell, Dairy Queen) to stay open/keep lobby open so when the football game is over the kids can go out to eat somewhere.

There were no questions for the board before the floor was given to the band directors.

Ms. Bradberry thanked us for our children and said that they are all “good human beings”. Mr. McGrath thanked us too and said sometimes he has to “go coach” on them. He shared what the dot test is, why it’s important, and wants all the kids to be “dot aware”. This grade will be posted in Skyward. The students need a 70 to march on Friday. They can retake it to receive a better grade.

They plan to use props at the following game and start the 3rd quarter “Hey Band” activities at the Cain vs Klein game.

Schedule confirmations/changes:

  • October 6 – Bands of America (BOA) Houston contest: the band will stay at the contest until noon or 1:00 to watch other performances, except for any flute players who want to attend the James Galway master flute class at Klein High School (during which one student from each Klein high school will have the opportunity to have a lesson on stage from Mr. Galway). The rest of the band will be bussed back to the band hall, go home, and then report back to the band hall for the game.
  • Oct. 13 – The Waco BOA contest has been removed from our contest schedule. Mr. McGrath gave an explanation of why and will send out an email tonight or tomorrow to all parents with this explanation.
  • Oct. 20 – Lone Star Preview: We will not stay for finals even if we make it because this conflicts with the homecoming dance that evening.
  • Oct. 23 – UIL Regional contest: Our performance time is TBA. We need straight 1’s to qualify for UIL Area. We will know after we perform on the 23rd if we will advance to UIL Area.
  •  Oct 27 – UIL Area contest: This will be held in Galena Park. We won’t know our performance time until a day or two prior. If we make finals at UIL Area, we will not attend the football game that evening.

Questions answered or comments from the directors:

Comment: There will be no front battery on a stage.

Q: Is this still a contest on September 29?
A: There is no contest on Sept 29th, which is currently listed on the schedule as “tentative”.

Q: How many more weeks with the metronome?
A: One more game and maybe just the second movement during the game.
Q: When will the kids be in full uniform:
A: Full uniform on Friday for performance. Jackets may or may not be worn in the stands,

depending on temperature and other weather conditions.
Q: Parent voiced concern that a student had overheated at the prior game and asked why

some schools can wear shorts during hotter weather.
A: Mr. McGrath will continue to monitor the temperature for the next game(s) and make

a decision and asked what other Klein high school bands have been doing for the first

few games.
Q: In light of the forecast for this week’s football game, does the band march in the rain?

A: The band does not march in the pouring rain but will probably march if it is lightly

raining. Woodwind instruments would be put away. At contests, if it is raining, there is usually a delay until the weather cooperates.

After no further questions for the band directors or KCBA board, the meeting was adjourned at 7:56 PM.

KCBA Contact Information:

Website: www.cainband.org

President – Tina Erales (president@cainband.org)
Treasurer – Roni Tucker (treasurer@cainband.org)
Secretary – Laura Saunders (secretary@cainband.org)
Vice President and Stormchasers – Warren Settles (stormchasers@cainband.org)

Chaperones – Michele Poe (chaperones@cainband.org)

Color Guard – Carolina Valladares (colorguard@cainband.org)

Historian – Melissa Welty (historian@cainband.org)
Props – David Pfeffer (props@cainband.org)
Spirit Wear – Sean York (spiritwear@cainband.org)

Uniforms – Whitney Webb (uniforms@cainband.org)
Social – Adria Stacha (social@cainband.org)
Hospitality – Heather York (hospitality@cainband.org)

Fundraising – Suzanne Thompson (fundraising@cainband.org)