KCBA General Membership Meeting Minutes

Saturday, August 17

The meeting was opened at 2:37 pm by President Warren Settles. He introduced the board members including the committee chairs.

Our trailer is just about complete. Warren shared who has been responsible for the trailer in a shout out. Daryl Flood and Chris Siler for the trailer. Klein Crossing Dental for their donation. Mudd Dog Graphics for the installation of the wrap. Flower Foods and Brian Rodnicki for the ramp. Ron and his son plus Warren spent over 350 hours building the inside of the trailer. Also, the King family donated the small trailer. This one will also be wrapped by Mudd Dog Graphics. 

Treasurer Roni Tucker reminded people to put their child’s name and what the check is for in the memo section of their check. Our band runs on the finances that we give via the participation fees. Please stay current and turn your funds in on time.

The mattress fundraiser meeting is Tuesday, August 20 at 7:00 PM. We can raise $500 just at this meeting! We will get yard signs, pamphlets and other information to share. Last year we raised just shy of $12,000 on this fundraiser. We can do more this year!

A reminder was shared to all about needing to sign up to be an approved volunteer in order to chaperone. Chaperone sign ups will be sent out from Michele Poe via sign up genius.

If you need to sign up your child for Game Day meals you will need to contact Lenny’s directly located at Spring Cypress and Champion Forest. It is behind the McDonald’s.

David Pfeffer updated Storm Chasers. All props will be purchased so no need to build. They will be flat and mobile to easily transport. Storm Chasers help the band students move equipment on and off the truck and field. 

Fundraising chair, Tina Erales Thanked all the Scrip shoppers! From 7/1 to 8/16 the band earned $845, a 70% increase from the same time last year. Scrip is a volume based fundraiser. In the past month, we have had 9 new families enroll in Scrip and 40 families purchased gift cards at registration day. 

Diane McMillen is available for in stock gift card purchases. She is willing to deliver or meet up with you to handle the transaction. Look for her posts on the Band Facebook Page announcing when and where she will be during the week.

Current Promotions:

1. From 8/19 to 9/14 spend a minimum of $50 on any combination of gift cards and get entered to win $5000 in Disney gift cards.

2. From 8/19 to 9/14 spend a minimum of $50 on any combination of gift cards and Cain Band will be entered to win free shipping for an entire year. This is HUGE! It costs the band $8.50 each time an order is shipped to us.

3. If our families order $150 in Domino's gift cards between now and 8/23, we will earn free shipping for our next order.


1. If paying for gift cards by check, your order will not be processed until the check is received. 

2. Credit card orders will only be possible ONLINE. The Scrip Committee is unable to accept credit card orders. For inventory purchases, please pay with Presto Pay (electronic bank account transaction,) cash or check.

Football ads are due by August 23rd. If you do not want to do the lay out you can pay an extra fee and have them do it for you.

If your child would like to go on the Disney Trip there are 7 spots available. You will need to turn in $600 to be placed on the list. This will have you current with payments. Total cost of trip is $1100. Our next General Meeting Date is Monday, October 7th. 

The meeting wrapped up at 2:54. The meeting was followed by the Band Exhibition. The directors spoke during this time.


KCBA Contact Information:

Website: www.cainband.org

President – Warren Settles (president@cainband.org)
Treasurer – Roni Tucker (treasurer@cainband.org)
Secretary – Laura Saunders (secretary@cainband.org)
Vice President – Sean York (vp@cainband.org)

Chaperones – Michele Poe (chaperones@cainband.org)

Color Guard – Carolina Valladares (colorguard@cainband.org)

Historian – Melissa Welty (historian@cainband.org)
Storm Chasers – David Pfeffer (stormchasers@cainband.org)
Spirit Wear – Auralicia Oropeza (spiritwear@cainband.org)

Uniforms – Whitney Webb (uniforms@cainband.org)
Social –  (social@cainband.org)
Hospitality – Lance & Wendy Wilson (hospitality@cainband.org)

Fundraising –  Tina Erales (fundraising@cainband.org)

Scrip - Diane McMillen (kcbascrip@gmail.com)