About the Committees


1. Fundraising Committee - Tina Erales fundraising@cainband.org

    A. The Chair of the Fundraising Committee shall be appointed by the KCBA Board and shall, in turn, appoint or accept volunteer committee members.  

   B. All fund raising activities suggested by said committee shall be authorized in advance by the KCBA Board.  

   C. For each fund raising activity, the Fundraising Chair shall appoint an individual fund-raiser point of contact or committee. If or until the KCBA Board appoints the Chair of the Fundraising Committee position, the KCBA CFO shall be the default KCBA Fundraising Committee Chair. The KCBA Co-Treasurers shall be ex-officio members of the Fundraising Committee.

       i. Scrip Program - Diane McMillen kcbascrip@gmail.com

       ii.Sponsorship Committee - sponsorship@cainband.org

               a. Encouraging community involvement 

               b. Gaining sponsorships from community 

2. Nominating Committee 

   A. The Nominating Committee of KCBA shall prepare a slate of officer candidates to be elected for the following academic year.  

   B. There shall be no fewer than five and no more than eleven members of the Nominating Committee.

   C. The Band Directors shall be members of the Nominating Committee and the President shall appoint the remaining members from among the KCBA membership who will have no students returning into the music program at Klein Cain the following academic year. 

       i. The exception to this is made for the 2017-2020 academic years in which Klein Cain has no senior class; appointees shall be chosen with the consent of the Klein Cain Band Directors.  

   D. From among these parents, the President shall appoint the Chair of the Nominating Committee. One name (or the name of one couple if "co-officers") for each elective office shall be reported to the President for presentation to KCBA membership. 

   E. Nominations for a specific office from the floor may also be made. Any person nominated by the Nominating Committee, or from the floor, must have previously agreed to serve if elected.   

   F. The Nominating Committee shall first look to the current Vice-President as next year’s President (“President Elect”), and then second to another Executive Board Member. 

3. Administrative Committees (The Administrative Committees are chaired by volunteers or appointees named by the President, the appointed Chair shall, in turn, appoint or accept volunteer committee members. These committees may change at KCBA Board discretion.) 

   A. Chaperone Committee - Michele Poe chaperones@cainband.org

       i. Organizing when/where chaperones need to be present (all rehearsals, games, competitions, etc.) 

       ii. Recruiting new chaperones 

       iii. Chaperone training  

   B. Stormchasers - David Pfeffer stormchasers@cainband.org

       i. Coordinating transportation of all equipment to performances with band directors. 

       ii. Overseeing the loading/unloading, and movement of equipment. 

       iii. Recruiting committee members to be at performances and coordinating moving equipment on and off of performance stage/field. 

       iv. In charge of working with band directors to plan and build marching band, Winterguard, and percussion props. 

   C. Guard Committee - Carolina Valladares colorguard@cainband.org

       i. Assistance with all guard rehearsals and events 

       ii. Organization of uniforms 

       iii. Under direction of Ms. Tomsa 

   D. Hospitality Committee - Lance & Wendy Wilson hospitality@cainband.org

       i. In charge of organizing small receptions at concerts 

       ii. Ushers at concerts (close doors, limit audience entering during playing) 

       iii. In charge of assisting visiting clinicians (transport, food, etc.) 

   E. Spirit Wear Committee - Auralicia Oropeza spiritwear@cainband.org

       i. Taking spirit wear orders 

       ii. Coordinating spirit wear purchases 

       iii. Working with band directors for new designs/items/etc. 

   F. Uniform Committee - Whitney Webb uniforms@cainband.org

       i. In charge of creating, and maintaining, uniform cleaning rotation 

       ii. Organization of marching band and concert uniforms in uniform room 

       iii. In charge of measuring students for appropriate-sized concert and marching band uniforms

   G. Social Committee - Band Council social@cainband.org

       i. Coordinate with band directors and band student leadership to organize off-campus social events

       ii. Secure venues/facilites for events

       iii. Work with chaperone committee to ensure adequate adult supervision at such events

   H. Historian Committee - Melissa Welty historian@cainband.org

        i. Take photos and video at all band, percussion, and color guard events, competitions, etc.

       ii. Put together slideshow for band banquet